General Questions

How can I become a supporter of the IAF?

You can securely enter your generous gift amount and payment information online in our donation form or call (647) 498-7717. It’s convenient and you will know that your gift supports the IAF’s work of advocating on behalf of Inuit artists. You can also conveniently choose to join our monthly giving program or choose to target your donation to a specific program.

Is my gift to the IAF safe and confidential?

Absolutely! All of our donation processing is securely processed and PCI compliant.

Can I change my monthly gift amount?

Yes, you can change your amount at any time. Simply call 647-498- 7717, email or write to us at 400-215 Spadina Avenue / Toronto, ON M5T 2C7. We will be happy to promptly make any changes you request.

How will I keep records of my monthly gifts?

Your monthly credit card statement will show the amount and date of your gift made to the Inuit Art Foundation. In addition, each January you’ll receive a letter from us detailing the dates and amounts of all your contributions throughout the preceding year as well as your annual tax receipt.

Will I still get news about the Inuit Art Foundation ?

Yes! You will receive regular updates on the impact of your gift through our monthly newsletter.

Endowment Questions

What is the Inuit Art Foundation’s endowment?

The Inuit Art Foundation Endowment Fund was established in March 1996 in conjunction with the Community Foundation of Ottawa. The fund was established to provide stable income to the IAF in perpetuity and help facilitate its programming and advocacy work. The IAF cannot use these funds for operations or emergencies, but are held in permanent trust.

What is done with contributions?

All donations to the IAF’s endowment are pooled with investment funds from many charitable organizations at the Community Foundation of Ottawa, and the IAF receives a corresponding proportion of the income from the investments.

How can I support the endowment?

You can support the future of the Inuit Art Foundation by donating online, calling the IAF at (647) 498-7717 or mailing a cheque made out to the Inuit Art Foundation at 400-215 Spadina Avenue / Toronto, ON M5T 2C7, indicating you are donating to the endowment. All contributions to the endowment are in turn sent to the Community Foundation of Ottawa, where they are permanent held.

Why did the IAF choose the Community Foundation of Ottawa to manage its endowment?

The Community Foundation of Ottawa managed in excess of $5 million representing over one hundred and twenty different funds at the time the IAF’s endowment was established. By agreeing to let the Community Foundation of Ottawa invest the IAF’s endowment contributions, the endowment has gained a higher average rate of return than if the IAF were to invest the funds itself.

What happens to the contributions if either Foundation ceases to exist?

If the Community Foundation of Ottawa ceases operations, the IAF’s endowment will continue to be dedicated to the charitable purposes the fund was designed to achieve by returning the contributions to the IAF to be reinvested elsewhere. If the IAF ceases to exist without designating other charitable organization with a similar mandate to receive the earnings, the Community Foundation will direct the earnings to another charitable organization with a similar mandate. In either case, the endowment contributions will continue to support Inuit artists in Canada in perpetuity.

Giving Tuesday Questions

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a global movement encouraging giving and volunteering, taking place each year on the Tuesday after Black Friday. Giving Tuesday is a time when charities, companies and individuals join together to support the causes most important to them. This year, Giving Tuesday is November 29, 2016.

How did Giving Tuesday start?

Giving Tuesday started in the United States when the UN Foundation, NYC 92Y and several other community organisations banded together to start a global giving movement in 2012. Organisations including GIV3 and CanadaHelps brought Giving Tuesday to Canada shortly thereafter, and now over 4,700 partner institutions participate.

How is the Inuit Art Foundation involved?

The IAF is an official partner in Giving Tuesday and is asking our supporters to help promote the Foundation on November 29th.

How can I participate?

There are many ways to participate in Giving Tuesday and support the IAF. The first is to donate online through our website, calling the IAF at (647) 498-7717 or mailing a cheque made out to the Inuit Art Foundation at 400-215 Spadina Avenue / Toronto, ON M5T 2C7, indicating you are donating for Giving Tuesday. You can also support us by tagging the Foundation on your favourite social media platform using the hashtag #GivingTuesday, telling your friends why you support Inuit artists through the IAF.