2017-2018 DONORS

The Inuit Art Foundation also relies on generous contributions from other public bodies, private companies, foundations and individuals to achieve our mission each year. You, the generous donors listed below, ensure the Inuit Art Quarterly is published. You also provide funding for artist residencies, such as the Kenojuak Ashevak Memorial Fund (KAMF), and other professional development opportunities and support the work of living artists. The IAF relies on the generous support of donors to do this important work and is pleased to recognize donors who have contributed between April 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018. Thank you so much!


The Inuit Art Foundation relies on the generosity of donors like you to develop programming to support the work of Inuit artists. The IAF is excited to announce the launch of our Sustainers Program. All donors are recognized in the IAQ and on the website.


  • Susan Carter
  • The Herb and Cece Schreiber Foundation
  • John and Joyce Price (KAMF)
  • and one anonymous donor


  • Christopher Bredt and Jamie Cameron
  • Informa Canada
  • Patrick Odier


  • The Assaly Family
  • Rene Balcer
  • Shary Boyle
  • Business For The Arts
  • Andrew Chodos
  • Donald and Pat Dodds
  • Patricia Feheley (Endowment, KAMF)
  • David Forrest


  • Fath Group/O’Hanlon Paving Ltd.
  • Janice Gonsalves
  • Erik Haites
  • Inuit Art Society (Publications)
  • The Michael And Sonja Koerner Charitable Foundation
  • David and Liz Macdonald
  • Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art


  • Jordan Banks, in honour of Paul Desmarais III
  • Dr. Yvonne C. Condell
  • Arthur Drache, CM, QC
  • Janice Gonsalves
  • Joyce Keltie
  • Katarina Kupca
  • Christine Macinnes
  • Kathryn C. Minard
  • Joyce Nies and Peter Witt (Publications)
  • Joram Piatigorsky
  • Paul Pizzolante
  • Alysa Procida and Kevin Stewart
  • Mark Richardson
  • Sanford and Deborah Riley
  • Mark Rittenhouse
  • Leslie Roden-Foreman
  • Barbara Turner


  • James Abel, in honour of Xanthipi Abel
  • Heather Beecroft (Publications)
  • Denise Cargill
  • L. E. Cleman (Publications)
  • Lynne Eramo
  • Leah Erickson
  • Harald Finkler and Nadine Nickner
  • Alain Fournier
  • Ed Friedman
  • Dr. James M. Harris
  • Margaret and Roger Horton
  • Heather Igloliorte and Matthew Brulotte, in memory of Philip Igloliorte
  • Lou Jungheim and Thalia Nicas, in memory of Thomas Webster (Publications)
  • Charles Kingsley
  • A. B. Kliefoth
  • Ann and Michael Lesk
  • Linda Lewis and Lorie Cappe
  • Peter Lyman, in honour of Tagak Curly
  • Patricia McKeown
  • Richard Mohr, in honour of Adventure Canad, Heather Beecroft and Lou Jungheim and Thalia Nicas (Publications)
  • Margaret Newall
  • Allan P. Newell
  • Michael J. Noone
  • Sharon and Lee Oberlander, in honour of David Ruben Piqtoukun (Publications)
  • Susan A. Ollila
  • Onsite Gallery
  • Paula Santrach
  • Celine Saucier
  • Muriel Smith
  • Michael and Melanie Southern
  • Elizabeth Steinbrueck
  • Jay and Deborah Thomson (Publications)
  • Carol Thrun
  • Manon Vennat
  • Jaan Whitehead
  • David and Catherine Wilkes (Publications)
  • Norman Zepp and Judith Varga
  • Mark and Margie Zivin


  • Amy Adams
  • Lea Algar-Moscoe
  • Paul Alkon
  • Jim Bader
  • Catherine Badke
  • Christel Bieri
  • Catherine Birt
  • Karen Brouwers, in honour of Elisapee Ishulutaq
  • Tobi Bruce
  • Peter Camfield
  • Mary Campbell
  • Carol Cole, in honour of Billy Gauthier
  • Celia Denov
  • Ginette Dumouchel, in honour of Tommy Niviaxie (KAMF, Publications)
  • Leslie Eisenberg
  • Jon Eliassen
  • Carol Ann Ellett (KAMF)
  • Lyyli Elliott
  • Britt Gallpen and Travis Vakenti
  • Judith Gavin
  • Nelson Graburn, in honour of Katsuak Tumasi
  • Barbara Goetzelman
  • Claire S. Gold
  • Deborah D. Gordon
  • Mark Gustafson
  • Tekla Harms
  • Carol Heppenstall
  • Ingo Hessel, in memory of Lucy Tasseor
  • Albert Holthuis
  • James Igloliorte
  • Mark Igloliorte
  • Robert Jackson
  • Rosi and David Jory
  • Carola Kaegi
  • Johanna Kassenaar
  • William Kemp
  • Nancy Keppelman
  • Jo-Ann R. Kolmes
  • Ellen Lehman (Endowment)
  • Joe and Sandra Lintz
  • Dr. Marie A. Loyer
  • Maija M. Lutz
  • Catherine Madsen, in honour of Thomas and Winifred Madsen (KAMF)


  • Susan Marrier
  • Elizabeth McKeown
  • G. Lester McKinnon
  • Shannon McManus
  • Robert Michaud
  • Anne Milochik and Steve Potocny
  • Nancy Moore
  • Gary Nelson
  • Michael J. Noone
  • Leon Oberlander
  • Donna and Hal Olsen
  • Rawlson O’Neil King (KAMF)
  • Louisa O’Reilly
  • Christa Ouimet and Woody Brown (Endowment)
  • Donald Penrose
  • Kate Permut
  • Ann Posen
  • Phillip and Kathleen Power
  • Victoria Prince
  • Robin and David Procida
  • Frank Purcell (Publications)
  • Bayard D. Rea
  • Dr. Timothy W. Reinig
  • Eva Riis-Culver
  • Marcia H. Rioux
  • Judith S. Rycus
  • Paul Shackel
  • Mark Shiner
  • Seiko Shirafuji
  • Janet Shute
  • Colleen Suche
  • Charles Tator
  • Hunter Thompson
  • Roslyn Tunis (Publications)
  • Peter Van Brunt
  • Gail Vanstone
  • James and Louise Vesper
  • Mary Jo Watson
  • Gord Webster
  • William Webster (Endowment)
  • Claude Weil, in honour of Jim Shirley (Endowment)
  • Scott White
  • Ditte Wolff
  • and one anonymous donor

Friends of the Foundation

  • Mary Anglim
  • Eric Anoee (Endowment)
  • Eric Barnum
  • Susan Baum
  • Catherine Black
  • Black Dog Publishing
  • Terry Bladholm
  • David Burns (KAMF)
  • Caroline Chan
  • Brian Dalton
  • Anne-Marie Danizio
  • François Dumaine (KAMF)
  • Lisa Eisen, in honour of Tiiu Strutt
  • Shirley Finfrock
  • Alexander Ganong
  • Judith Gavin
  • Alan and Paula Goldstein

Friends of the Foundation

  • Karen and David Gorsline
  • Barbara Hale
  • John A. Hanjian
  • Kathryn Hanna
  • Mary Hanson
  • Janet Heagle
  • Jacqueline Hynes
  • Laurence Jacobs
  • Peter Kovacik
  • Malcolm Kottler
  • Rebecca Lee, in honour of David Lee
  • Laura MacDonald
  • Edward Maloney
  • Doylene McMurty
  • Rowena Moyes
  • Barbara Myslinski

Friends of the Foundation

  • Suzanne Nash (KAMF)
  • Arlene Nichols
  • Henrich Nemetz
  • Dr. Ronald Olin
  • Pierre-Francois Ouelette
  • Prue Rains
  • Blaine Rapp
  • Helena Rati, in honour of Andre Forni
  • Diane Ravenscroft
  • Leslie Reid
  • Wendy Rittenhouse
  • Enid Rokaw
  • Sheila Romalis
  • Anita Romaniuk
  • Evelyn Savitzky
  • Karine Schweitzer-Bordes

Friends of the Foundation

  • Mari Shantz
  • Scenery Slater
  • Gregory and Lisa Sonek
  • Ann Sprayregen (KAMF)
  • Bertha K. Thompson
  • Darlene Tymn
  • Lowell Waxman
  • John Weber, in honour of Gina Montevecchi
  • Claude Weil, in honour of Jim Shirley (Endowment)
  • Michael Wiles
  • Edward Allan Wright
  • Bea Zizlavsky
  • and five anonymous donors (KAMF)


  • Virginia Watt Perpetual Trust



The Inuit Art Foundation gratefully acknowledges the support of the Government of Canada through contributions from the Inuit Relations Directorate, Northern Governance Branch, Northern Affairs Organization, at Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, who have provided our core funding contribution since 1987.



The Reimagining the Igloo Tag Trademark project is funded by the Economic Diversification Grant of the Indigenous Economic Development Fund. An initiative of the Government of Ontario, the Indigenous Economic Development Fund supports promising projects that lead to employment, training and business opportunities for Indigenous people.


Support for the Kenojuak Cultural Centre and Print Shop Capital Campaign provided by:

On March 30, 2014, the Inuit Art Foundation entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Hamlet of Cape Dorset, under which the Foundation agreed to receive charitable donations for the private sector capital campaign for the Kenojuak Cultural Centre and Print Shop. These funds are held in trust for the Hamlet, who will own and operate the building. These donations were restricted to the Centre and are not for the IAF’s use. For more information on the campaign, please see their website.

  • Bank of Montreal
  • Leslie Barrett-Sanderson
  • Birks Family Foundation
  • Christopher Bredt and Jamie Cameron
  • Nancy Campbell
  • Stan Denniston, in memory of Tim Pitsiulak and Jutai Toonoo
  • Paul and Mary Dailey Desmarais
  • Paul Desmarais, Jr.
  • The Donald R. Sobey Foundation
  • Carol Ann Ellett
  • Patricia Feheley
  • Erik Haites
  • Carol Heppenstall
  • Janet Honsberger
  • Mr. L. Jacques and Marie Jose Menard
  • The John David and Signy Eaton Foundation
  • Lester Landau
  • Suzanne Legge and Jeffrey Orr
  • David and Liz Macdonald
  • Tom and Sarah Milroy
  • The Ouellette Family Foundation
  • Power Corporation of Canada
  • Andrew and Valerie Pringle
  • RBC Foundation
  • Reza Satchu and Marion Annau
  • Scotiabank
  • Doug Steiner and Jasmine Herlt
  • Jaan Whitehead

Support for the Tim Pitsiulak Memorial Fund provided by:

  • Diana Antoon, in memory of Saleem J. Antoon
  • Goring Family Foundation at Toronto Foundation
  • Molly Heines & Thomas Moloney
  • Charles Kingsley
  • Bruce Lawson
  • Heather Lawson
  • Ann and Michael Lesk
  • Scott Mullin
  • The Power Foundation, in honour of Tim Pitsiulak
  • Stephen Smart

Donations are essential to the programs that promote and celebrate Inuit art and artists. As a registered charitable organization in Canada (BN #121033724RR0001) and the United States (#980140282), the Inuit Art Foundation welcomes donations, sponsorships, legacy gifts and in-kind contributions.

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