Inuit Art Quarterly

The Inuit Art Quarterly, in print since 1986, is the sole magazine dedicated to Inuit circumpolar Indigenous art. Published by the Inuit Art Foundation, the IAQ is an award-winning industry leader committed to nuanced, dynamic and multi-vocal writing on the contemporary and historical work of Inuit artists.

Inuit Art Quarterly Profiles

The Inuit Art Quarterly Profiles highlights the contributions of historical and contemporary Inuit artists to the cultural and artistic heritage of their communities, Canada and the world through a centralized online resource. An extension of the Inuit Art Quarterly magazine, the IAQ Profiles are published by the Inuit Art Foundation.

The Igloo Tag Trademark

Established in 1958 by the Canadian government, the Igloo Tag Trademark has been the internationally-recognized symbol of authenticity for Inuit visual arts for over six decades. On March 9, 2017, the Inuit Art Foundation took full ownership and control of this iconic mark from the federal government. Now, for the first time in its history the Igloo Tag is led by Inuit to ensure protection of the Inuit art market.


Supporting Inuit artists and cultural workers through the Kenojuak Ashevak Memorial Award and the Virginia J. Watt Scholarship.


Advocating for Inuit artists throughout the North and South

Circumpolar Exchanges

Promoting cultural exchange by sending Canadian Inuit artists across the Circumpolar North and bringing international artists to Canada.

Past Programs

Education and Assistance

The IAF has provided professional development training and financial assistance to Inuit artists and cultural workers in the North and South. The Foundation has also created a wealth of educational materials about Inuit art, health and safety practices and copyright legislation.


To increase the accessibility of Inuit art in both the North and South, the IAF has created online exhibitions showcasing works from across Canada.


The IAF has always provided opportunities for Inuit artists to participate in  skill-building workshops and residencies in a variety of disciplines.

Kenojuak Cultural Centre

Partnering to increase arts infrastructure in Kinngait (Cape Dorset), NU.