IAF Canvases Nunatsiavut communities

By August 23, 2017
Two artists experiment with power tools while Gilbert Hay looks on, Nain, 1991


1991: The IAF hires Dinah Andersen to canvas Nunatsiavut communities regarding their specific needs and encourage the development of local artist associations. This same year, the IAF provides carvers in Nain a $1,500 grant to purchase power tools. This is followed by two Power Tool Workshops, taught by Mattiusi Iyaituk and Charlie Kogvik; the first focuses on how to use the new tools and the second on developing economic self-sufficiency. Participants include Gilbert Hay, Philip Hunter, Sam Ikkusek, Adam Lidd, Michael Massie, Eli Merkuratsuk, William Nochasak, David Terriak and John Terriak.