Kenojuak Ashevak Memorial Award

Kenojuak Ashevak Preening Owl (1995)
Kenojuak Ashevak Preening Owl (1995) Printer Arnaqu Ashevak Stonecut 49.5 x 73.7 cm Reproduced with permission DORSET FINE ARTS © the artist

About the Award

The Kenojuak Ashevak Memorial Award (KAMA) is a biennial prize that supports the practice of an Inuk artist by facilitating opportunities for artistic development and career growth. Established in 2014 by generous members of the Inuit art community, this award honours the life and work of the late Kenojuak Ashevak, and her unparalleled contributions to the cultural life and arts of Inuit Nunangat and beyond. 

An exceptional artist, pioneer, role model and leader in her field, Ashevak spoke often about the importance of encouraging future generations of Inuit artists. To honour this desire, KAMA provides funding to artists to expand their careers and reach new audiences.



Thanks to a partnership with Winnipeg Art Gallery-Qaumajuq, announced in 2021, the winner now receives opportunities for research, creation and exhibition at their institution. Beginning in 2023, thanks to the generous support of RBC Emerging Artists, the award now includes additional opportunities for ten artists to expand their practice. 

A longlist of ten artists will receive:

  • NEW: A cash prize of $2,500 each; and
  • NEW: A feature in a dedicated catalogue, to be distributed with the Inuit Art Quarterly.

A shortlist of five artists will receive:

  • NEW: A cash prize of $5,000 each; and
  • NEW: A group exhibition at WAG-Qaumajuq 2023.

The winner will receive:

  • INCREASED: A cash prize of $20,000 
  • A fully funded creative residency at WAG-Qaumajuq in 2024; and
  • A solo exhibition with accompanying catalogue and acquisition in partnership with WAG-Qaumajuq in fall 2025.

KAMA 2023

Deadline: Thursday, December 1, 2022 @ Midnight EST

How to Apply

Nominations will be accepted by fax, email, mail and via oral submission in English and Inuktut. All necessary translations will be provided by the IAF. See the nomination form for additional details.

Please note that only one nomination per artist will be accepted.


The IAF strongly encourages nominations from professional acquaintances including curators, gallerists, writers, critics, fellow artists and others in relevant fields, in support of an Inuit artist’s practice. Individual artists are invited to self-nominate if they wish to do so. All KAMA applications will be assessed by an external committee of Inuit arts professionals.



This award is open to Inuit artists in Canada who are actively working. Nominations can be made by the artist or another arts professional. See the nomination form for full eligibility details.


An external, all-Inuit Peer Assessment Committee (PAC) whose members who represent diverse fields and practices within the broader Inuit arts community will assess KAMA applications. The PAC will ensure that there are no members who have conflict of interest in reviewing applications. It is important in preparing nominations to clearly demonstrate the strength of the artist’s work as well as the potential impact the award would have on their career.

Interested in becoming a Peer Assessor for IAF programs? Apply today!


Questions? For more information and assistance please contact:

For inquiries in English:

Kyle Aleekuk
Program Officer
647.498.7717 ext. 115

For inquiries in Inuktut:

Blandina Makkik
Igloo Tag Co-ordinator
647.498.7717 ext. 109


Workshop: KAMA 2023

Ilisarniq Series: How to Apply for the Kenojuak Ashevak Memorial Award
Tuesday Nov. 15 from 2-3:30 pm ET

Thinking about nominating yourself or someone else for the Kenojuak Ashevak Memorial Award? 
Join us for a conversation with one of last year’s shortlisted nominees, Eldred Allen!

Register Here
Allen will be sharing his first-hand experience of the nomination process in discussion with Heather Igloliorte, IAF Board President and Director of Inuit Futures. Together, they will be walking through everything you need to know to submit a complete nomination package. That includes things like:

- Who is eligible to nominate and be nominated
- Options for submission to meet various accessibility needs
- Important deadlines
- Tips and tricks for filling out the nomination form
- What kind of support materials are required
- Selection criteria

Most importantly, we’ll be opening the conversation up so you can ask us questions!

Eldred Allen is a photographer from Rigolet, Nunatsiavut, NL, who uses handheld cameras, drones and 3D modelling. A determination to record the land around him is at the driving core of Allen’s artistic practice. To that end, he uses photospheres and orthomosaics to immerse viewers in vast swaths of landscape. He is one of the few Inuit artists working in the medium.

Between award cycles, learn more about the application process
In this recorded workshop from 2021, Heather Campbell, Strategic Initiatives Director, and IAF staff teach aspiring applicants how to navigate the 2021 Kenojuak Ashevak Memorial Award application while sharing tips and tricks for applying to other arts awards.