Donor Spotlight - Rawlson King

Thank you for being a champion for Inuit art and artists.

Sep 20, 2022
by Evan Maydaniuk

“If we are serious about supporting arts and culture, and supporting the cultural and artistic sovereignty of Inuit, it’s important that there are mechanisms in place that are able to do so. The only way that can continue is if there is strong support from the community and organizations like IAF. I donate to support Inuit artists in a meaningful way because I appreciate the incredible talent, aesthetic beauty and ingenuity that is evident in Inuit art.” – Rawlson King

Donors are a critical part of the Inuit Art Foundation - thank you! You’re right at the front of every project and initiative. Every award, every scholarship, every artist resource, every issue of the magazine exists thanks to you. We celebrate all our donors, and today we shine the spotlight on one member of this caring and passionate art-loving community. 

An avid reader of Inuit Art Quarterly since 1997, Rawlson King has been a long-time advocate for Inuit artistic expression and cultural sovereignty. 

Rawlson is an entrepreneur and communications professional, and was elected as the first-ever Black City Councillor in 2019, in the City of Ottawa.

An original drawing by Annie Pootoogook (1969–2016) holds “pride of place” in his office at City Hall. He supported a motion to rename Sandy Hill Park in Pootoogook’s name in recognition of her creativity, ingenuity and significant impact on Inuit art. 

Rawlson has been part of IAF’s Illannarijaujut Tunngavinngmit since 2017, supporting both the Inuit Art Quarterly and the Kenojuak Ashevak Memorial Award.

Thank you Rawlson for being a champion for Inuit art and artists. 

Thank you to all our supporters for opening doors for artists and connecting artists with audiences. You make amazing things possible, qujjannamiik!

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As a donor, you provide so many opportunities for artists to explore their practices, learn new skills and grow. You raise global awareness and appreciation for Inuit art. You help artists across Inuit Nunaat and beyond connect to opportunities, have platforms for their work to be seen and build their careers. Thank you so much for making a difference!