Supporting Inuit Students with the Virginia J. Watt Scholarship

Dec 29, 2018
by IAQ

In January the Virginia J. Watt scholarship was awarded, for the first time since 2010, to Nancy Saunders. Thank you for creating and renewing this important financial support for emerging artists. This award is funded by you and other donors, and is dedicated to Inuit pursuing post-secondary education, with an interest in studying Inuit arts and culture.

Nancy Saunders is a very fitting beneficiary. She is from Kuujjuaq, QC, and is completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Studio Arts, at Concordia University. 

In addition to traditional pencil drawings, Saunders paints in acrylic and watercolour. She is also a soapstone carver and a throat singer. Saunders has made significant personal investments in expanding her current artistic practices and exploring new ones, as well as developing the extraordinary talent she already has. We look forward to following what is sure to be an amazing career, and encourage you to do so as well!


I would personally like to thank everyone who made this scholarship possible. This is a beautiful program that really does help encourage students. It’s really needed and appreciated, and I’m really honoured that I was chosen. I am so grateful, there are really just no words. It has allowed me to grow, stay enrolled in school, and to show me I am truly able to do this as an independent artist.

– Nancy Saunders