• IsumaLegacyOpener

    Fast Runners and Time Travellers

    Containing never before seen recordings, interviews, documentation and over 20 years of raw footage, what questions are raised after visiting the archive of Igloolik Isuma Productions housed at the National Gallery of Canada?
  • NanogakGooseAgnesUntitled(TheOwlWhoMarriedAGoose)

    Printed Matters

    The chance discovery of works by Helen Kalvak, Agnes Nanogak Goose, and more—once thought to be lost—spread across three safes in the community of Ulukhaktok, NT, has spurred a new digitization effort.
  • WilliamsonBobJohnTIktakPhotocreditMayerErnestCrop


    Tiktak, a Kangiqliniq (Rankin Inlet) sculptor, was the first Inuk artist to have a solo show; his one-man show was a watershed moment in the field of Inuit art, paving the way for the hundreds (if not thousands) of solo shows that followed.