Kakee Peter

Kakee Peter was born in Iqaluit, and moved to Cape Dorset in 1993. He is a self-taught carver who began carving at the age of sixteen, and continued learning his skill by watching other carvers. His parents, Ningeosiak Peter and Parnee Peter are both sculptors in Cape Dorset. Kakee’s grandfather, the late Jamasie Teevee was a well-known graphic artist. When you look at the art of Jamasie Teevee you can see where Kakee got his eye for precision and fine detail.

His favourite and most dynamic carvings are usually whales and birds. One of Kakee’s greatest gifts is his choice of beautiful serpentine stones that highlights the motion of his animals with the shimmering lines of the grain that follow the shapes of his carvings. Kakee also depicts animals in a uniquely playful way by often having pods of whales and fish dancing together as they do in nature, or with a curious bear cub standing on his mother.