Kenojuak Ashevak Memorial Award Donors

Donors make all the difference

This year, the Kenojuak Ashevak Memorial Award is expanding to celebrate 10 contemporary artists whose work pushes the boundaries of Inuit art. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped to create and grow the award since its creation in 2014. 

RBC Emerging Artists


Judith DesBrisay
Willmott Bruce Hunter
John and Joyce Price

Bruce Bailey, in honour of
    Pat Feheley
Erik Haites

Christopher Bredt and
    Jamie Cameron
David and Liz Macdonald

Kristiina Alariaq,
    Huit Huit Tours Ltd.
Blair Assaly
Shary Boyle
Elise Brais
Susan M. Carter
Andrew Chodos
Marian Dodds, in honour of
    Dedie Dodds
DUCA, in honour of
    Frits Albert Begemann’s
    legacy, in tribute to his
    passion for Inuit art
Patricia Feheley
Peter Gillespie, in memory of
      Lyn Solomon-Gillespie, on
      behalf of The Solomon and
      Gillespie Fund
Goring Family Foundation
MacDonald Griffin
    Charitable Foundation
Hugh Hall
Inuit Art Society
Jackman Foundation
Monty Kehl and Craig Wilbanks
Rawlson O’Neil King
Charles Kingsley
The William and Shirley Lakey
    Family Fund at Edmonton
    Community Foundation
Kathleen Lippa
Marcia Miller
Susan Ollila
and one anonymous donor

Claus and Anne Borchardt
Molly K. Heines and
    Thomas J. Moloney
Alex Krawczyk
Katarina Kupca
Lori Labatt
Val K. Lem
Christie MacInnes, in honour of
    Erik Haites
Kathryn C. Minard
David Sproule, in honour
     of Jean Katherine Sproule
and three anonymous donors

Carole Ahmad and family
Beatriz Alvarez
Marc Bendick Jr. and
    Mary Lou Egan
Wayne Clark
John Domsy
Lyyli Elliott
Leah Erickson, in honour of
    all Inuit artists
Sari Hannila, in honour of
    the National Day for Truth
    and Reconciliation, Inuit
    survivors, and the artists
    who tell Inuit stories. ᓇᑯᕐᒦᒃ
Friends of Carol Hordatt Gentles,
    in honour of Christa Hordatt
Melinda Josie
Lou Jungheim and
    Thalia Nicas, in honour of
    Eliot and Alisa Waldman
Dr. P. Koppinen
Linda Lewis
Lois Loewen
Patricia McKeown
Suzanne O’Hara
Bonnie E. Park
Leslie Reid
Barbara F. Schweger
Elizabeth Steinbrueck
Ann Tompkins
Terry Vatrt
Scott B. White
and one anonymous donor

Amy Adams
Eleanor Allgood
Sarah Ashton, in honour of
    Sharon Allen
Heather Beecroft
Katharine Bocking
Stephen and Hazel Borys
Annette M. Boucher
Kaaren and Julian Brown
Shirley Brown, in honour of
    Christa Ouimet
David Burns
David S. Cherepacha
Shelley Chochinov
Anne-Marie Delaunay-Danizio
Wilfrid Denis
Ginette Dumouchel, in honour
    of Tommy Niviaxie
Carol Ann Ellett
Andy Fallas
Kashtin Fitzsimons
Deborah D. Gordon
Le Grand Élan
Mark Gustafson
Patt Hall
Clive Harvey
Ian Harvey
Tatiana Harvey
Dianne Hayman
K. E Heller-McRoberts
Rick Hiebert
Frederick Hooper
Jane Horner
Dale Horwitz
Warren Howard
Andrew Hubbertz
Noorlizan Ibrahim
Lynn Jackson, in honour of
    Paula Jackson
Jeanette Jackson-Thompson
Joyce Keltie
Cathy Kirkpatrick
A. B. Kliefoth, MD, in honour
    of the hardworking staff
    of the IAF
Jacob Lewis
Maija M. Lutz and
    Peter A. Tassia
Peter Lyman
Daniel Macdonald, in honour of
    David and Liz Macdonald
Paul Machnik
Catherine Madsen, in honour of
    Thomas and Winifred Madsen
Blandina Makkik and
    Greg Rogers
The Honourable Justice
    Paul Mayer
Tess and Duncan McLean, in
    memory of Terry Ryan
Heather McNab
Robert Michaud
Louisa O’Reilly
Father Colin Peterson
Mickey Ranalli
Jim and Shelley Renner
Marcia Rioux
Louise Rolingher
Susan Rowley
Kassie Ruth
Judith Rycus
J. Salkowitz, DMD
Dr. Jinder Sall
Wally Sapach
Iris Schweiger
Mark Shiner
Richard Sourkes
Sara Stasiuk
Colleen Suche
Roslyn Tunis
Dr. Anne Vagi
Elka Weinstein
Karen Westrell
Mark and Margie Zivin
and four anonymous donors

Up to $99
Mary Anglim
Susan Anthony
Judy Archer, in memory of
    Sarah Prince Archer
Elizabeth P. Ball, in honour of
    Thomas G. Fowler
Eunice Bélidor
Dianne Bohonis, in honour of
    Peter Bohonis
Janet Chamberlain
Barbara Dalziel
J. De Vincenzo
Sharon Dembo
Maegan Didden
François Dumaine
Shelby Gahagan
John Geoghegan
Dara Gordon, in honour of
    Morgan and Richard Zigler
    whose lives are forever
    bound together by their love
    for and connection to the
    arts, education and the Arctic
Catherine Grant
Barbara Hale
Delan Hamasoor
Anna Holmes
Anne-Remy Jones
Mary Lawrence Breinig
Gretchen Lawrie
Daryl Logan
Graham Mastersmith
Marla Mckenna
Patrick McLean
David Muir
Suzanne F. Nash
Lou Nelson
Shadreck Nyathi
Oswald Family
Carole Ouimet, in honour of
    Christa Ouimet
Kate Permut
The Pinero Family, in loving
    memory of Christa
Emma Hordatt
Robin and David Procida
Janet Savard
Patricia Scott
Ann Sprayregen
Patrizia In Villani Cocchi
William Webster
Amanda Whitney
Jennie Williams
and three anonymous donors