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The Inuit Art Foundation relies on generous contributions from other public bodies, private companies, foundations and individuals to achieve our mission each year. 

You, the generous donors listed below, ensure the Inuit Art Quarterly is published. You also provide funding for artist residencies, such as the Kenojuak Ashevak Memorial Award (KAMA), and other professional development opportunities and support the work of living artists. The IAF relies on the generous support of donors to do this important work and is pleased to recognize donors who have contributed. Thank you so much!

The Inuit Art Foundation relies on the generosity of donors like you to develop programming to support the work of Inuit artists.  

IAF Tunisijut Circle


RBC Foundation


The Flanagan Foundation
TD Bank Group


Terra Foundation for American Art at the Chicago Community Foundation


Adventure Canada
Joe Miller


Eleanor R. Erikson
Erik Haites


Christopher Bredt and Jamie Cameron 
Gabrielle Campbell 
Clench House Foundation 
Patricia and Donald Dodds 

Janice Gonsalves
David and Liz Macdonald MakeWay Foundation - Barbara Legowski and Lewis Auerbach 
Paul and Carole Pizzolante

Kassie Ruth 
The Herb and Cece Schreiber Foundation 
Hunter Thompson
Ann and Wayne Tompkins 


Kristiina and Timmun Alariaq, Huit Huit Tours Ltd.
Blair and Tara Assaly 
Anne and Don Badke Philanthropic Fund
Vincent and Barbara Barresi 
Elise Brais 
Lisa-Margaret Stevenson Bryan 
Hal Dietz 
Marian Dodds, in memory of Dedie Dodds
Arthur Drache, CM, KC and Judy Young Drache 
Jon and Valerie Eliassen 
Fath Group/O’Hanlon Paving Ltd. 
Patricia Feheley 
Jennifer Fryer 
Peter Gillespie, in memory of Ly Solomon on behalf of the Solomon and Gillespie Fund 
Goring Family Foundation 


Linda Grussani 
Sari Hannila, in honour of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, Inuit survivors, and the artists who tell Inuit stories. ᓇᑯᕐᒦᒃ 
Carol Heppenstall 
Smaro Kamboureli 
Rawlson King 
Dr. Simon E. Lappi 
Hesty Leibtag 
Kathleen Lippa 
Maija M. Lutz and Peter A. Tassia 
MacDonald Griffin Charitable Foundation Christie MacInnes Susan Marrier
Kathryn C. Minard, ISA CAPP 
Elizabeth Mitchell and Stephen Lloyd 
Lisa Niedenthal 


Shannon Norberg and Jarvis Hall 
Susan A. Ollila 
Joram Piatigorsky 
Ann Posen, in honour of David Braidberg 
John and Joyce Price 
Sanford Riley 
Leslie Roden-Foreman and Michael Foreman 
Frances Scheidel 
Barbara Turner
Gail Vanstone 
Craig Wilbanks and Monty Kehl 
Susan Wortzman and Glenn Smith 
Norman Zepp and Judith Varga 
and five anonymous donors 


Illannarrijaujut Tunngavinngmit


Arctic Co-Operatives Limited 
Judy Banning 
Gary Boratto 
Anne Borchardt, in memory of Claus Borchardt 
Tobi Bruce 
Margaret S. Bursaw, in memory of John Maounis
Yvonne Condell
Gordon Davidson 
James Delaney, in memory of Gerald Nicholas Tighe Kelly Dickinson 
Kate Doorly 
Engelstad Family 
Maxime Fortin 
Alain Fournier 
Dianne Hayman 


Molly K. Heines and Thomas J. Moloney 
Bryan Hellwig 
Mark Hirschman
Mr. Roger and Mrs. Margaret Horton
Lori Labatt
Ellen Lehman and Charles Kennel 
Nagesh Mahanthappa and Valentine Talland
P. McKeown
Charles Moss and Dee Fenner 
Allan Newell 
Nadine Nickner and Harald Finkler, in memory of Tim Pitsiulak
Martin Pâquet 
Don Pether 
André Picard 


Alysa Procida and Kevin Stewart 
Leslie Reid 
Margerit Roger 
Joseph Salkowitz, DMD 
Paula Santrach 
Celine Saucier 
David Sproule, in memory of Jean Katherine Sproule 
Nicholas Wattson 
Westchester Community Foundation Bell-Jacoby Family Fund 
Kim Wiebe and Aubrey Margolis 
Cathy Wilkes, in memory of David Wilkes 
Mark and Margie Zivin 
and two anonymous donors 



Amy Adams 
Wallace Altes
Susan Baum and Robert Ludwig 
Marc Bendick
Jean Blane
Herbert Braun
Sue Carter 
Anne-Marie Delaunay-Danizio 
Tracey Doherty 
Sophie Dorais 
Nathalie Ducamp
Keith R. Evans KC
David and Lauren Feiglin 
Alison Freebairn 
Lisa Frenette 
Iet Frumau 
Peter and Deirdre Gardner 
Judith Gavin 
Gold/Joy Fund (2024) at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo 
Jesse Goodman
Deborah D. Gordon 
Dr. Andrew Gotowiec 
Andrea Hamilton 
Jackie Hatherly-Martin and Keith Martin
Laurie Herd


Ingo Hessel
Joanne Hommik 
Robert Hurst 
Cana Uluak Itchuaqiyaq, Iñupiaq 
Paul Kay, in memory of Temma Gentles 
Nancy Keppelman and Michael Smerza
Dr. Claudette Knight 
Val Lem 
Ann Lesk 
Jacqueline Littlewood 
Patricia Logrippo 
Dr. Neil and Elaine Margolis 
Michael Martens, in memory of Miriam Bordofsky 
Joanna Miazga 
Robert Michaud
Cathy Moser and Jeff Itzkow 
Quirien Muijlwijk 
Paul Newman and Tomokazu Nakamura 
Louisa O’Reilly 
Donna and Hal Olsen 
Aarohi Patel 
Kara Pearce 
William and Ann Polk 
Frank Reid and Amparo Maya 
Dr. Timothy W. Reinig 
Eva Riis-Culver 


Bruce Roberts 
Kerstin Roger 
Greg Rogers and Blandina Makkik, in honour of Inuit artists and the magazine that educates us 
Sheilah Rowe 
Susan Rowley 
Jonathan Beth and Rex Rutchik 
Carol-Ann Ryan and Dr. Matthew Follwell Michael Ryan 
Leslie Saxon West 
Joanne Schmidt, in loving memory of Gail Schmidt 
Karl-Werner Schulte 
Michael and Melanie Southern 
Charmaine Spencer 
Tom Suber and Cary Griffin 
Suncor Energy
George and Jacqueline Szabo 
Michel Thabet
Jay and Deborah Thomson 
Emilie Tremblay 
Peter R. Van Brunt 
Merri Lea Van Dyke
Gord and Laurie Webster 
Peggy Weller 
Peter and Mary Wilson 
Mark and Margie Zivin
and four anonymous donors 



James and Marjorie Abel, in honour of Xanthipi Abel Lea Algar-Moscoe 
Patricia Allen 
Mary Anglim 
Diana Antoon 
Frank P. Araujo, for art, for the Inuit cultures and the bountiful interplay of the two 
Andrea Arnold 
Barbara Aylett 
Catherine Badke
Stephen Baker 
H. Mary Balint
Elizabeth Ball
Maddie Beaulieu
Heather Muir Beecroft
Brian Belchamber
Christie and Jurg Bieri 
Catherine Birt
Molly Blyth
Robbin Bond
Margaret Brill-Edwards
Jim and Mary F. Campbell
Kay Cookie Cartwright 
Shelley Chochinov
Cobalt Art Gallery
Carol Cole
Catherine Cole
Charles and Arline Crockford 
Dr. Anne Croy
Ruby Cruz
Raymond Currie and Charlene Thacker Currie 
Fred Cutler 
Adelle Daviau, in memory of Sadie Angelique Daviau 
Philip Davis 
Emmanuelle A. Desrochers 
Dr. Sara L. Diamond
Mathieu Doucette 
Judith Dowler
Melanie Egan 
Leslie E. Eisenberg 
F. Enright
Lynne and John Eramo
Andy Fallas
Lynn Feasey
Claire Foussard
Joana Fraga
Donna Fremont
Ed Friedman
JoAnne and Richard Fuerst 
Britt Gallpen and Travis Vakenti


Anik Glaude
Karen Gorsline
Nelson Graburn, in honour of Aisaki Pallayat Sallumiut 
Ronald and Yvonne Grapentine 
John Hanjian and Carmen Nowak 
Tekla Harms 
Cary Hart 
Sheila Hart, in honor of the many Inuit artists who have enriched my life through their work 
Celia Harte 
Lisa R. Hartman 
Debrah and Brian Hirsch 
Jane Horner 
Warren Howard 
Dr. Jacqueline Hynes 
James and Linda Igloliorte 
Aphantasia Indigo 
Jeannette Jackson-Thompson, MSPH, PHD 
Amy Jenkins 
Sharon Jorgens 
The Josie Family 
Melinda Josie 
Rozanne Junker 
Jennipher Kean, in honour of Elizabeth O’Grady Anne Kearns 
Jo-Ann Kolmes
M. A. Konantz
Larry and Joyce LaCroix 
Kathryn Lagrandeur
Le Grand Élan
Nancy and Terry Lee 
Rebecca Lee
Gordon Leggett
Nora Little, in honour of John A. and Irene Little, John F. Little and Mary Jo Little
Lois Loewen
Daryl Logan 
Denis Longchamps 
Dr. Marie Loyer
Peter Lyman 
Mike and Cindy MacMillan 
Catherine Madsen, in memory of Thomas and Winifred Madsen 
Samia Madwar, in honour of Hazar Shawaf 
Jure Manfreda 
Evan and Dustin Maydaniuk 
Paul Mayer 
Roxanne McCaig 
John A. McKendry 
Alessandra Montefiore
Gary Nelson 


NunatuKavut full-member 
Suzanne O’Hara 
Rachel O’Neill 
Marina Oeler 
Bonnie Park
PayPal Giving Fund Canada 
Kate Permut 
Felicity Pope 
Steve Potocny 
David Pride 
David and Robin Procida 
Maximilien Raab 
Mickey Ranalli
Elizabeth Robinson 
Janet Robinson 
Sheila Romalis 
Gabriel Rosenberg
Richard and Yvonne Rothenberg 
Lise Rousson-Morneau and Yves Morneau 
Wally Sapach 
Genevieve Sartor 
Allan Seiersen 
Divya Shah
Paul J. Skahan 
Michelle E. Smith 
Joyce and Fred Sparling 
Harriet Stairs 
P. Stevens
Jennifer Stoots
P. Colleen Suche
Mark Swartz, in honour of Dr. and Mrs. MJ Swartz and Family 
Jacek Szulc 
Charles Tator 
Diana Trafford 
Joan R. Truckenbrod 
Anne Vagi 
Louise and James Vesper 
Rosalie Walls and Kathy Simas 
James and Karen Walton 
Robert and Brenda Watson 
Lowell Waxman
Claude M. Weil, in honour of Jim Shirley 
Elka Weinstein 
Karen Westrell and Bill Rosser 
Scott B. White 
Amanda Whitney 
J. Willson
and eight anonymous donors


Up to $99

Annie Amaruq 
Devony Baugh
Mitch Birken 
Bill Bradley
Cedric Brodin 
Dorothy Caldwell and William Woods
Mark Cheetham 
Michelle Coyne 
Laetitia Dandavino-Tardif 
Anna De Aguayo 
Josephine De Vincenzo 
Wilfrid Denis
Paulette Dennis 
Celia Denov 
Simone Dionne-Rancourt 
Yasemin Eroglu 
Jan Fergus 
Chun Fong 
Dana Forsman 
Jessie Fortier-Ningiuruvik 
Ronald and Anne Foster 
Paula Frisch 
Bill and Sarah Gibbons 
Susan Godin 
Ariel Godwin 
Claire Gold 
Philip Goldring
Kristine Greenaway 
Susan C. Griswold 
Mark Gustafson 


Barbara Hale 
Kathryn Hanna 
Mary Hanson
Kathryn Heller-McRoberts 
Rick Hiebert 
Rosemary Hilton 
Brittany Holliss 
Albert and Femmeke Holthuis 
Karen and David Hood 
Shari Huhndorf 
Cecilia Ignatieff
Lily Jackson, in honour of Lorna Jackson 
Janique Johnson-Lafleur 
Anne R. Jones 
Elizabeth Kocmur 
Magdalene Köppen 
Fae Marie Anne Logie 
Matthew Lyons and Virginia Claire McGuire 
Laura Macdonald
Kathy Mallett
Geraldine and Peter Marshall 
Carola Marte 
Peter Allan McKitrick 
Mary McLaren, in memory of Ian and Bernice McLaren 
Sean McMahon 
Colette Meehan 
Stanley Middlestadt 
Melanie Milanich 
The Honourable Wilfred P. Moore
Oliver Moorhouse 


David Muir 
Peter Murphy 
Lou Nelson 
Sue Newman
Peter Noteboom 
Douglas Palmerton 
Matt Pierce 
Anne Pullon 
Ron and Sigrid Rhodes 
Anita L. Romaniuk 
Judith C. Saeger 
N. Jerimiah Sappington 
Janet Savard
Bruno Savoie 
Kathryn Scott 
Patricia Scott
David and Lesley Serkoak
S. Shadick-Taylor
Elizabeth C. Smeloff
Janet L. Sponagle
Karen Thorne-Stone
Matt Traversy
Elizabeth Vadas
Mary and George Varley 
Grace Voisey Clark
Garnet Ward
John Weber
Christopher and Barbara Wood 
And eight anonymous donors


Donations are essential to the programs that promote and celebrate Inuit art and artists. As a registered charitable organization in Canada (BN #121033724RR0001) and the United States (#980140282), the Inuit Art Foundation welcomes donations, sponsorships, legacy gifts and in-kind contributions.