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Currently based in San Jose, California, USA, collage artist, video artist and zine creator Chantal Jung originally hails from Happy-Valley Goose-Bay, NL. Jung first embarked on her artistic journey through an early discovery of collage art, which led to a series of collages in which she paired images of her friends alongside their favourite flowers.

“I like the idea of making use of found items that you can just reuse instead of coming up with something completely new,” she says, “it speaks a lot to me a lot.” [1]

The floral theme has since stuck with Jung throughout her career, with flowers forming a cornerstone of her artistic production as a motif that she considers to hold particular personal significance for her. Outside of her digital and analogue collage work, she is also an emerging video artist, with a music video credit to her name for singer-songwriter Black Belt Eagle Scout.

As a zine creator, Jung is a member of the zine collective Indigenous Honeys who produce content as a collective and provide workshops in zine-making.

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Digital Media, Film, Graphic Arts, Visual Arts

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Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

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