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Hinaani Design

Hinaani Design was officially launched in 2016 by Keenan Nooks Lindenll, Emma Kreuger and Paula Rumboldt, with items such as ulus, leggings and t-shirts. In an interview with the Inuit Art Quarterly, Lindell identified how important art and drawing had been for him when he was stressed out or going through a hard time and so the Hinaani Design team felt like they should give their business a chance because art had been so beneficial. They also noticed there was a market for Inuit specific clothing because "Inuit really love showing off that they are Inuk. We knew there was a market and there wasn’t anybody doing it and we had the skills to do it [1]."

They are inspired by the artists that came before them, such as Lindell's grandmother; they find it easy to get inspired by all the different artists and different aspects of Inuit culture, like the tools, the wildlife around and the environment around us. Working in a small town also comes with some difficulty because materials are not always readily available. A lot of planning goes into each product and working with what is available such as plumbing copper, which can be found at the hardware store and banged out to create a copper sheet. There are also benefits to working in Arviat such as the availability of natural materials such as caribou antlers.

Hinaani Design's work is quickly gaining attention. They produced their first runway show for Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto on June 3, 2018 and launched their most recent collection online earlier that week.


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