Kajungiqsaut Grants

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Deadline: Sunday, March 19, 2023 @ Midnight EST

Kajungiqsaut Grants is a new funding initiative dedicated to supporting Inuit working in the arts. Co-developed in partnership with the Canada Council for the Arts, Kajungiqsaut are accessible, culturally relevant funding that support Inuit creatives to pursue their many and multi-faceted ambitions - especially first-time applicants. Kajungiqsaut values self-determination, skills development, and the crucial time needed to dream, grow, and create throughout an individual’s journey in the arts. 

The Inuit Art Foundation is proud to support Inuit creatives through Kajungiqsaut and strongly encourages applicants from any stage in their artistic careers to apply! 


Funding Streams

Sutaarutit (To Gain Material)

Getting tools and materials to make work can be one the first challenges artists face to creating new pieces. Sutaarutit builds on the IAF’s existing partnership with the Ontario Arts Council’s Indigenous Visual Artist Materials grant and provides opportunities for artists to fund these purchases. Grants of $500 or $1,000 are available and emerging artists are strongly encouraged to apply. 

If you live inside Ontario, please apply through the OAC

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Iniqarvik (To Have Space)

All artists need room to breathe, time to think and experiment. Iniqarvik provides Inuit creatives from all disciplines the financial support to research, experiment, begin or complete new works, or plan future creations. Small scale proposals from all disciplines will be accepted for grants of $3,500.

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Tuuragaq (Vision)

Turaagaq is designed for those who envision larger projects and to help bring your creative visions to life. Proposals from all disciplines will be accepted for grants of $5,000, $10,000, or $15,000

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Eligible Activities

The following activities are eligible through Sutaarutit: 

  • Purchasing artistic materials and supplies, including hunting tools for gathering natural materials
  • Travel costs for gathering natural materials
  • Delivery costs for transporting or shipping artistic materials and supplies

The following activities are eligible through Iniqarvik and Tuuragaq:

  • Creating and developing artworks
  • Purchasing artistic materials and supplies
  • Renting workspace
  • Training or mentorship opportunities to develop artistic skills
  • Creative residencies
  • Presenting artwork
  • Marketing artwork to presenters or audiences
  • Participating in arts events such as art fairs or pop-ups
  • Developing an artist website or portfolio
  • Publishing or self-publishing written materials such as novels, essays, poetry, zines, etc.


How to Apply

Applications will be accepted by email, fax, mail and via oral submission in English, French, and Inuktut. All necessary translations will be provided by the IAF. See application forms for additional details.


Applicant Eligibility

This program is open to Inuit who are actively working in the arts. We encourage applicants from all disciplines and career levels, which makes this perfect for first time applicants. Eligibility varies by funding stream and applicants must meet the eligibility criteria. Please see the application forms for full eligibility details.



An external, all-Inuit Peer Assessment Committee whose members represent diverse fields and practices within the broader Inuit arts community will assess applications. 

Evaluation Criteria

Interested in becoming a Peer Assessor for IAF programs? Apply today!


Helpful Hints

We want to help you be successful in getting funding for your art practice! Here are some helpful hints to help you with writing your application. 

Helpful Hints



Ilisarniq Series: Applying for Kajungiqsaut Grants

IAF program officer Kyle Aleekuk will be in conversation with IAF Board member Michael Massie to discuss everything you need to know about how to apply:

    • Who is eligible
    • Options for submission
    • Important deadlines
    • Guidance for filling out the application form
    • What kind of support materials are required
    • Selection criteria and process

Questions? For more information and assistance please contact:

Kyle Aleekuk
Program Officer
647.498.7717 ext. 115

Translation will be arranged for inquiries or requests in Inuktut. Please allow for extra time for staff responding to questions or making arrangements to speak directly with a translator.

Frequently Asked Questions
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