Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an Inuit artist who wants a Profile? Learn more about what the IAQ Profiles are and how to get one here.

What is an IAQ Profile?

The IAQ Profiles platform highlights the contributions of historical and contemporary Inuit artists to the cultural and artistic heritage of their communities, Canada and the world through a centralized online resource. They are an extension of the Inuit Art Quarterly.

Each Profile celebrates an individual artist through a career-driven biography, selected photos and videos showcasing the artist’s work and a list of the artist’s accomplishments, including exhibition and publication history, discography, prize wins and more.


Why would I want to be on the Profiles?

The Profiles are intended as the artist’s own space online. That means that you, the artist, have agency over your own artistic narrative: the information that appears on your Profile is entirely subject to your approval, it focuses on your professional achievements and you are able to remove or add to it at any time.

If you don’t have your own website already, or if internet access or other barriers make it difficult for you to advertise your work online, a Profile offers you the opportunity to have your artwork and your artistic history displayed professionally in a single place alongside hundreds of other Inuit artists. Your Profile is also formatted to be printed for use as a CV if needed.

Through your Profile, your work will gain broad exposure to a range of curators, researchers, institutions, collectors and others who seek to learn about Inuit art. Broader exposure like this has directly led to increased artwork sales and commissions for new work for artists in the past.

A Profile is also the gateway to further coverage through the IAQ: it is the first step towards being featured in the IAQ newsletter and social media accounts, and it means greater visibility to the IAQ editorial team when it comes to the magazine’s storytelling in print and online.


How does a Profile get made?

The Profiles process starts with a short interview with a member of the IAQ team. This can be done by phone or email, whichever you are most comfortable with. You will be asked questions about your artistic history and practice, such as where you learned your skills and what goals you have for your work.

From there, your interviewer works to transform the interview into a written biography. They may return to you with follow-up questions, or to request images of yourself or your work (if you do not post them online).

Once the draft of the Profile is complete, it is sent to you for feedback and/or approval. After you approve the text, you will receive a permission form to sign and return.

When you return the permission form, a member of the IAQ team will load your Profile online and publish it, sending you a link that you can view and share.

This is a list of the items you will need to provide for a Profile:

  • 10-15 minute interview (phone or email)
  • Any relevant links to your website/social media
  • 1 picture of yourself, to serve as an artist headshot
  • 5-6 images of your artwork that represent your practice (if not featured in the links provided)
  • Signed permission form

How do I get a Profile?

Start the process by reaching out to us at iaq[at]inuitartfoundation[dot]org with the subject “I want an Artist Profile”! 

Tell us your name, where you are from, and a little bit about your artistic practice. You can also include links to your social media or images of your work as examples!


How do I make changes to my existing Profile?

You can click the “Suggest an Edit” button on the top left of your Profile to request simple changes, like adding a new exhibition or award. 

For more complex changes, please reach out to us at iaq[at]inuitartfoundation[dot]org for help!