IAF Taqqitamaat Tunisijut Circle

The IAF Taqqitamaat Tunisijut Circle is a very special group of people whose monthly donations ensure Inuit artists are supported year-round. By joining the Taqqitamaat Tunisijut Circle and being a monthly donor, you secure a strong future for Inuit art. Each month, you will provide opportunities for artists to create and be seen, and for the Inuit Art Quarterly to continue.

Joining the Taqqitamaat Tunisijut Circle has many benefits:

  • It’s affordable and flexible: You can choose your monthly gift to start as low as $10 per month, or 33 cents per day, and it is 100% tax deductible.

  • It’s convenient: Your monthly gift will process automatically and will go to work right away.

  • It’s impactful: You create opportunities for Inuit artists ever month, ensuring that Inuit art is visible, strong and supported.

There’s never been a better time to join the Taqqitamaat Tunisijut Circle. Please join us today. Together, we can bring Inuit art to the world.

Why I Joined the Taqqitamaat Tunisijut Circle 
“We have been collectors for 60 years. We see that our donation to the IAF supports the artists we love and the art we collect. Our monthly gift is the best way for us to help sustain an undertaking that we think is important and worthwhile.”
— Donald and Pat Dodds

Please contact us at executivedirector [at] inuitartfoundation [dot] org or 647-498-7717 for more details.