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Joel Maniapik

Joel Maniapik is an artist and printmaker from Panniqtuuq (Pangnirtung), NU. Maniapik cites his father, local artists and comic books as influences that led him to his own artistic practice.

Maniapik started drawing with pencil before moving onto coloured pencil and watercolours. He has taken woodblock printing, watercolour painting, pastel and oil work workshops offered to grow his practice. Maniapik's work has also been transformed into tapestries [1] His work is featured in the 2018 Pangnirtung Print Collection. Maniapik has also appeared multiple times in the Inuit Art Quarterly.


1. Maria von Finckenstein, "Depicting the Inner Reality: A Conversation with Joel Maniapik," Inuit Art Quarterly  17 no. 2 (Summer 2002): 34.