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Photo: Shirley Moorhouse


drawing, jewellry, painting, printmaking, textile

Artistic Community:

Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

Date of Birth:

Artists may have multiple birth years listed as a result of when and where they were born. For example, an artist born in the early twentieth century in a camp outside of a community centre may not know/have known their exact date of birth and identified different years.

Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL



Shirley Moorhouse was born in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL, and has lived in Alberta, England and Germany. She is a multifaceted heritage crafts artisan, fabric artist, printmaker and painter. It is her one-of-a-kind wall hangings, however, that drew attention to her artistic practices. These artworks incorporate embroidery, beading, hides, furs, wool, feathers and non-traditional found objects into the design. Since 1996, Moorhouse has exhibited nationally and internationally.View Long Biography and Citations


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Title Year Author
Art and Craft from Nunatsiavut June 7, 2018 Stacey Abramson
SakKijâjuk: Art and Craft from Nunatsiavut April 3, 2017 Kerry Clare
Shirley Moorhouse: 'Getting paid for something you love is pleasure on pleasure' Spring 1997 Trudy Metcalfe


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Name Year Gallery
SakKijâjuk: Art and Craft from Nunatsiavut May 26 - Oct 14, 2018 Winnipeg Art Gallery
Material Experiments Sept 25 - Oct 31 2015 A Space Gallery
Anthem: Perspectives on Home and Native Land 2007 Carleton University Art Gallery

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Collection Location
Indigenous Art Collection at Indigenous Affairs and Northern Development Canada Gatineau, QC, Canada