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Aisa Amittu

Jan 17, 2020
by Napatsi Folger

Aisa Amittu is a prolific and talented carver from the Povungnituk community in Nunavik, QC. From his fantastical kajutaijuk (spirits), which depict heads attached to legs, to his twisting stone aurora, Amittu brings a unique perspective and creativity to the world of Inuit carving. His work extends beyond carving and into mixed media and print making with scenes in paper and wood, which set up the background for his carvings. It’s no great leap to see how drawings and prints have made an impression on Amittu’s work. His detailed faces and the unpolished whites of his eyes are reminiscent of stark early Inuit prints.

Amittu brings further detail into dark soapstone pieces by scratching fine lines representing feathers, faces and hair onto his works. The technique creates visually dynamic sculptures with depth and an otherworldliness unparalleled in Inuit carving. Inspiration came early for Aisa as he watched his famous father Davidialuk make art. He began learning his own craft at the age of ten. Amittu’s work focuses heavily on Inuit mythology and traditional hunting, using the natural shape of the stone to form the images and scenes he creates.      

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