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Anirnik Ragee's "Field of Verse"

Word Play: 5 Works on Language

Feb 19, 2020
by Britt Gallpen

This print, Ragee’s only work to be included in one of the Annual Cape Dorset Print Collections, features interlocking and colliding syllabic characters rendered in a palette of vibrant yellow, orange and red, cool blue, green and purple, brown and inky black. Printed by master printer Pitseolak Niviaqsi, RCA (1947-2015), Field of Verse is an abstract outlier in a collection dominated by images of birds and other wildlife and was created by the artist in her late 60s as part of an open invitation for community members to work in the studio.

The result is a pulsating image that sways and nudges across the page, creating undulating shapes that spill over the edges of its boxy form, with Ragee’s layered Inuktitut words creating a complex word puzzle, seemingly legible only in small fragments. Taken from a distance, however, its composition invites the eye to form and reform swirling skies or layered horizons or something else altogether. 

— Britt Gallpen, Editorial Director

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