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Couzyn Van Heuvelen Awarded Public Art Project

Dec 05, 2019
by IAQ

A bold and graphic nod to the history of Inuit printmaking by Bowmanville-based sculptor and installation artist Couzyn van Heuvelen was selected for the Glen Road Pedestrian Tunnel public art project after being short-listed alongside five other projects. 

Surrounding the entrance to the tunnel, which is located near the Rosedale neighbourhood in Toronto, ON, van Heuvelen will create a sequence of bold, graphic, multi-coloured cut-outs of avian forms directly referencing the history of printmaking across Inuit Nunangat. A series of concrete panels resembling the carved slabs used in stonecut printing will wrap both walls of the thoroughfare. These formwork panels will feature enlarged representations of the markings made during the carving of stone blocks, as well as additional compositions of Arctic birds painted in vibrant hues as if to suggest they have just been inked. The project is expected to begin in 2021.

Installation at OCAD University by Couzyn van Heuvelen (2018)

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