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IAQ Editor Britt Gallpen Awarded Inaugural Editor Grand Prix, Honourable Mention

Apr 13, 2017
by IAQ

Inuit Art Quarterly Editor Britt Gallpen has been recognized as Editor Grand Prix, Honourable Mention at the 2017 Magazine Grands Prix. The award is one of the two top honours of the awards program and "recognizes excellence, leadership and mentorship in magazine editing, and is awarded annually to one individual for their achievements at the nominating magazine in the previous calendar year." The inaugural Editor Grand Prix was awarded to Carole Beaulieu for her work at L’actualité.

"I feel incredibly honoured and humbled to be recognized in this way," explains Gallpen. "Over the past year, we have worked hard to define a strong editorial vision for the IAQ grounded in thoughtful, exploratory writing and rigorous criticism. This has taken a variety of approaches, but has remained rooted in a fundamental desire to make space for new voices. Inuit art is often unfairly sidelined within broader Canadian art scholarship and it remains our primary goal to ensure that the incredibly rich work produced by Inuit, both historically and today, is given adequate visibility and consideration. I am indebted to my publisher, Alysa Procida, for her unwavering support this past year as we have zealously reimagined what the IAQ might be. I am equally grateful to our intrepid team and in particular our Image Coordinator, John Geoghegan, who leaves no stone unturned to ensure our magazine meets the highest visual standards for an art publication. Our designers, Berlin Studio, have been instrumental in showcasing the vibrancy and dynamism of our artists with their clean, modern art direction. Finally, I am thankful for the generosity and guidance of both our Editorial Advisory members and our Board of Directors. As we stand at the beginning of our 30th anniversary year as a foundation, and reflect on the editorial legacy of the IAQ and the important contributions of our past editors Marybell Mitchell, Christine Lalonde, Nancy Campbell and Heather Igloliorte, I am excited to continue building on this solid foundation for years to come."

The honourable mention for Gallpen was created following the judging panel's unanimous decision, "to recognize her leadership and vision at the helm of IAQ, where she was instrumental in dramatically increasing the number of Indigenous voices heard and published. By mentoring new writers and addressing timely issues, such as Inuit artistic responses to climate change, she has made the magazine more relevant to northern communities and also attracted a broader audience, increasing paid subscriptions by 62% over the past year."

Inuit Art Foundation Executive Director and Publisher Alysa Procida notes, "On a fundamental level, Britt’s editorial outlook has been guided by situating Inuit art in the contemporary landscape of Canadian and circumpolar artistic practice, which involves intentionally confronting deeply entrenched stereotypes about Inuit art. She has actively mentored many writers, going above and beyond normal expectations during the editorial process."

The Magazine Grands Prix reception and ceremony will take place on Thursday, April 27, 2017 at the Four Season Hotel, Toronto.

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