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Processing Change in a Pandemic Using Photography

Intermural: Between the walls

Jul 26, 2021
by Jennie Williams

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have spread far and wide, changing the way we live, work and create. It has forced us to go inwards, physically and spiritually, as we reposition ourselves in a world turned upside down. A year on, we asked four Inuit photographers what the pandemic has meant for them in their personal life and their practice. Here, Labrador-based photographer Jennie Williams tells her story in words and photographs:


Jennie Williams
Untitled (2021) Digital photograph

Most of my photography is of people in their everyday lives.

Now everyone's daily lives have changed drastically, and people are rarely seeing other people. Also, everyone is now wearing masks—everything is so different for me as a photographer who mainly takes photos of faces, crowds and people being together. 


Jennie Williams
Untitled (2021) Digital photograph

Before, I mostly did projects involving other people, but this past year has changed that. Now I am drawing inspiration from my children and home life. I have also had to change the way I do my work. 


Jennie Williams
Untitled (2021) Digital photograph

I am enjoying the challenge of finding new ways to adapt to how things are, and I like having to become creative in various ways to make projects work for what I do.


Jennie Williams
Untitled (2021) Digital photograph

The pandemic has changed my relationship with my interior space because now I spend the majority of my time inside my home surrounded by my family. I am really enjoying my time at home with them and I especially love having this extra time with my children.  


Jennie Williams
Untitled (2021) Digital photograph

The outside world is pretty scary right now,
but inside our little bubble it has been filled with
tons of cuddles, smiles and love.

Feature was originally published in the Summer 2021 issue of the Inuit Art Quarterly.

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