Developing Qanuqtuurniq: Artist Portal Terms of Service

Terms of Service Agreement

Welcome to the Developing Qanuqtuurniq: Artist Portal! As a member, you agree to these additional Terms of Service (“DQAP TOS”). Please read these entire DQAP TOS carefully before signing up for membership.
These “DQAP TOS“ are between the Inuit Art Foundation (“the Inuit Art Foundation”) and the person agreeing to these TOS (“You”) for use of the Developing Qanuqtuurniq: Artist Portal (“DQAP”). These terms are in addition to the general Terms of Service (“TOS”) and Privacy Policy for use of the Inuit Art Foundation’s website.

  1. Eligibility
    By registering as a member of DQAP, You agree that you meet the eligibility criteria as outlined in the Inuit Art Foundation’s General Program Eligibility and Anti-Violence, Anti-Harassment and Harm Reduction Policies. Further, You agree that You are eligible as an artist for an IAQ Profile under the Editorial Policies.

  2. Conduct
    You agree to abide by the Inuit Art Foundation’s Anti-Violence, Anti-Harassment and Harm Reduction Policy while on DQAP, attending programs/workshops through DQAP, and when interacting with other member artists outside of DQAP.

  3. Content
    You understand that the Inuit Art Foundation features artists in multiple disciplines featuring diverse subject matter, including but not limited to nudity, sexuality, violence and profanity, and that sometimes this artwork will be featured throughout DQAP.

    You further understand that the IAF does its best to provide accurate and appropriate information and resources and will not hold the IAF liable for any misinformation, including information provided by third parties

  4. Privacy
    In addition to the Inuit Art Foundation’s Privacy Policy for its entire website, the Inuit Art Foundation collects additional personal information for the purposes of DQAP. Email addresses are required for registration of DQAPl as part of the verification process and to link with Your IAQ Profile and will not be shared externally by the Inuit Art Foundation. You have the option to register with Facebook, but an email address is still required.

    As part of being a member on DQAP, You have the option to add your social media profile links to Your profile. This is not required for use of DQAP. Once added, anyone who is a member on DQAP will be able to view Your social media profiles. It is Your responsibility to adjust the settings on each social media to your preferred privacy settings. The Inuit Art Foundation uses Your personal information, such as email address, name, location, and community to:

    • Communicate with you, such as to advise you of relevant opportunities, newsletters, or respond to your questions;
    • Administer its websites and online platforms; and
    • Allow You to register for an event or workshops through DQAP.

    You reserve the right to access Your personal data. You can rectify or oppose the processing of Your personal data. You also are entitled to ask to receive Your personal data in a structured and standard format. In case of any such request or complaint, please contact: 

    Privacy Officer


    1655 Dupont Street

    Toronto, ON M6P 3T1

    (647) 498-7717

  5. Violation of Terms
    If You violate any part of these DQAP TOS, You agree that the IAF reserves the right to remove you and any of your related content as a member from DQAP.

    By using the services, purchasing subscriptions, or by clicking the appropriate “accept”, “Join Portal”, or “submit” button, You are agreeing to be bound by these TOS. If You are agreeing to these DQAP TOS on behalf of another person, then You represent and warrant to the Inuit Art Foundation that:

    (i) You have the authority to bind that person or entity to these DQAP TOS;

    (ii) You have read and understand these DQAP TOS; and

    (iii) You agree, on behalf of such person, to these DQAP TOS.


    If You do not agree to be bound by any part of these DQAP TOS, You must not use the services and must cease any use of the services immediately.

    You may contact the Inuit Art Foundation by email at artistservices[at]inuitartfoundation[dot]org with questions about these TOS.

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