Andy Mamgark

Andy Mamgark
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Andy Mamgark was born in 1930 near Dawson Inlet on the west coast of Hudson Bay. His family lived in the Whale Cove area and later moved to Arviat, NU, but it was in Rankin Inlet in 1959 where Mamgark first learned the art of carving. He would continue to hone his work particularly after he moved back to Arviat in 1965. Andy was a talented carver surrounded by artistic peers; his wife Eva Seuteruk Mamgark, and three children, Susan Pauppa Mamgark, Johnny Kopanuak, and Martha Katuak Mamgark are also all artists in Arviat. 

Mamgark’s carvings featured various arctic animals, hunters with bows and arrows, and the classic mother and child motifs of the 1950s and 1960s and his work is still popular today at auctions all over the world. 


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Arviat, NU

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