April Allen

April Allen
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April Allen is a sewist and beadwork jewellery maker from Rigolet, Nunatsiavut, NL now living in Labrador City, NL. She is the sole proprietor of her small business, Stitched by April, and the online bead supply shop, Indigenous Bead Supply Canada. Allen is known best for her many types of beaded earrings and is passionate about her work, which she began doing full-time after retiring from her career as a dental therapist. The art of beading is very therapeutic for her. “My passion as an Inuit artist comes from the satisfaction of seeing the finished product. When I look at my completed work, a feeling of pride rushes through me. It makes it worth the time and care that I put into it.” 

When she was a child, her mother spent a lot of time sewing. Allen has always demonstrated an interest in craftwork when her mother began teaching her how to sew and knit at a young age. During the COVID 19 pandemic Allen and her mother both volunteered their time to create facemasks for people residing in Labrador. April continues to learn from her mother and is able to strengthen her connection to her culture through beading. 

Allen works primarily with sealskin and beading. Her jewellery, purses and, moccasins features floral, butterfly and heart motifs with both natural and bright turquoise seal skin being her signature looks. She constantly explores new variations in designs – making each piece unique. In addition to being a skilled artist, Allen also has grown as a social media influencer on platforms such as Tiktok sharing cultural knowledge about Inuit and sharing her artwork. 

In 2022 Allen’s work was featured at the Crafted Show and Sale in Winnipeg, MB, Adaka Cultural Festival and Arctic Arts Summit in Whitehorse, YT, the Inuit Studies Conference in Winnipeg, MB, and the Indigenous Fashion Arts Festival in Toronto, ON.


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