Beatrice Deer

Beatrice Deer
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Beatrice Deer is a singer-songwriter and visual artist from Quaqtaq, Nunavik, QC. Her music is a combination of traditional Inuit throat singing and indie pop rock.

She first gained recognition with her debut album, Just Bea (2005), which won Best Inuit Cultural Album at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards the same year it was released. In 2010 she released both a self-titled EP and a Christmas album. Her two latest album releases, Fox (2015), is a “mix of old and new, adding pop and rock elements to throat singing and traditional Inuit tunes” [1], was soon followed by My All to You (2018). Deer is invested in maintaining her cultural traditions while also incorporating contemporary artistic practices into her music. She advocates for building up cultural traditions, while also openly discussing the negative impacts of colonization on Inuit cultural practices. She performs regularly in Canada and also travels internationally to perform and participate in festivals.

In addition to her art practice, Deer is an activist working to bring attention to suicide awareness and prevention in Indigenous communities. She speaks openly about her personal experiences with suicide and depression to foster dialogue on a global scale [2]. Deer is a multifaceted artist who uses her public platform to increase discourse on social issues.


Nominated for Best Music Video for "Fox" at the Indigenous Music Awards
2019: Nominated for Best Folk Album for "My All to You" at the Indigenous Music Awards

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Graphic Arts, Literature, Music

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Quaqtaq, QC

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