Bronson Jacque

Bronson Jacque
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Bronson Jacque is a painter from Postville, Nunatsiavut, NL. Jacque works in oil paints, and his pieces have become known for their ephemeral qualities and a loose, hazy naturalism. Jacque started drawing at age 13 and seriously pursuing art at age 16 [1].  He is inspired by his artistic family, whose works have informed his perspective on Labrador’s art scene. “We like to make things with our hands,” says Jacque. “It makes us feel proud—sharing the things that are on our mind.”

Jacque is nearsighted, and before he realized he needed glasses, objects in the distance were blurry [2]. This early experience with optics and the shifting nature of human vision has transferred into his work with oils, resulting in images that invite close scrutiny from viewers and play with viewers’ sense of distance and perspective. 

Heritage Dog Team Race (2019) is one such example of the dreamy scenery Jacque creates with paint. The distant black of a mountainside slouches across the right side of the frame, a haze of snow covering tiny trees. Although at first glimpse it appears smooth, the mountainside bristles with foliage, even tiny inhabitants. Is the triangle at its base a house, or just a trick of the snow?

In addition to his artistic practise, Jacque is also an accomplished powerlifter. He won a gold medal for powerlifting at the Powerlifting Nationals in Ottawa in March 2019, and represented Canada in the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships in September 2019 [3]. Jacque recently launched a website to streamline his commissioning process, which ranges from personal family portraits to museum projects. Jacque was commissioned to create a large-scale painting for the inaugural exhibition of Qaumajuq in Winnipeg, MB.


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Postville, Nunatsiavut, NL