Brye Robertson

Brye Robertson


Brye Robertson is an Inuvialuk textile artist and jeweller residing in Calgary, AB, whose practice is dedicated to beading and sewing. Her primary creations are beaded earrings featuring tear drop shapes, patterns and icons of uluit, flowers and skulls, which she sells under the moniker Urban Inuk Creations. 

Robertson learned to bead from her mother, who hails from Paulatuk, Inuvialuit Settlement Region, NT, miming her technique as she beaded intricate vests and gun cases. Her mother taught her how to flat bead in the late 2010s, and Robertson documented her progress of refining her technique and the brick stitch on social media to the delight and support of a growing community of appreciators.

Robertson recently began designing masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections. Her hand-sewn masks feature beaded patterns reminiscent of Inuvialuit moccasins and she was inspired to create them by her sister, who is a nurse. [1]


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Jewellery, Textile

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Calgary, AB

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