Corey Panika

Inuit Art Foundation

Hailing from Rankin Inlet, NU, Kuuri (Corey) Panika is a multi-talented performing artist and singer-songwriter, known for lending his voice to Qaggiavuut’s Kiviuq Returns, an interdisciplinary stage production that has toured extensively nationally and internationally. Panika is also a regular performer at Iqaluit’s Alianait Festival, appearing for the first time in 2017. 

Creating his own music and lyrics, Panika released his debut album “Naglingniq” in 2019. Crafting songs about love, life and resilience, he cites the late Rankin Inlet musical legend Charlie Panigoniak as his inspiration for pursuing the music he describes as a mix of rock and roll and soft jam. Panika currently updates fans on his work through his Facebook page, “Corey Panika Music” and tours festival circuits frequently throughout the north and south.

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About Corey Panika


Music, Performance, Theater

Artistic Community:

Kangiqliniq (Rankin Inlet), NU

Date of Birth:

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