Danny Aaluk

Danny Aaluk
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Danny Aaluk is a graphic artist from Uqsuqtuuq (Gjoa Haven), NU where he is still based today. Aaluk’s artistic practice began as a child sketching what he saw around him. Aaluk creates work daily and supports his family through his practice as a full time artist [1].

Aaluk has been gaining recognition for his detailed and imaginative illustrations, often don in black-ink with his drawings often pulling from Inuit imagery, figures and life. Aaluk is most well known for his “drum” drawings, whereby he re-defines the meaning of a stretched canvas by drawing directly on the skin of traditional Inuit drums [2].

In 2012 Aaluk won the Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association holiday card contest with his drawing “Drumdancer with the Spirit of a Polar Bear” [3]. Aaluk has also designed logos and had drawings commissioned by many organizations including the Nunavut Department of Health, the Arctic Games, Parks Canada and the Hamlet of Gjoa Haven [4].

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Uqsuqtuuq (Gjoa Haven), NU

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Uqsuqtuuq (Gjoa Haven), NU