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Dayle Kubluitok
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Dayle Kubluitok is an emerging digital artist originally from Kangiqliniq (Rankin Inlet), NU, now based out of Iqaluit, NU. While their practice is broad and varied, they most frequently focus on themes related to Inuit oral history, Indigenous futurisms, positive LGBTQ+ representation and character design. A primarily self-taught artist they did not begin pursuing art production until after high school when they enrolled in an Art and Design Fundamentals program in Toronto, ON. 

Now having returned home to Nunavut, Kubluitok’s practice has expanded to include photography and printmaking, which they have learned on their own time through online videos and tutorials. Continuing to build on their digital practice, they have gained a following online for their inventive reimaginings of popular video game and cartoon characters, redrawn to include traditional Inuit tattoos and garments. 

“I wanted to make something that I wish I saw growing up, something mainstream mixed with my culture,” they explain, “I just wanted to put that thought in everything I create so that other people who look like me can see themselves in my work.” [1]

In 2019, Kubluitok’s work was recognized by two major territorial and community organizations and they were selected as both the cover artist for the 2019 Northwestel phone book as well as a muralist for the Iqaluit Aquatic Centre. Going forward, Kubluitok hopes to explore animation and graphic novels that detail Inuit legends. 


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