Eileena Arragutainaq

Eileena Arragutainaq
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Eileena Arragutainaq is a seamstress from Sanikiluaq, Nunavut. She began sewing at 17 under the tutelage of her sister and her mother, Annie Arragutainaq, who made winter clothing for the family. Having since mastered the craft of clothing making, a full parka now takes her two days and an amauti just six hours [1].

In 2019, Eileena Arragutainaq participated in Project Atigi, a social enterprise initiative by Canada Goose. Fourteen Inuit seamstresses were commissioned to create bespoke parkas that showcased traditional skills and patterns using modern materials [2]. Arragutainaq’s own parka, rich red with a subtle scalloped trim of red, white and black, draws inspiration from the colour palette of first parka she ever designed [3]. The black silhouette of an ulu has been embroidered in place of a typical chest logo.

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