Eli Weetaluktuk

Eli Weetaluktuk was one of the first of the modern Inuit carvers in Inukjuak, QC. Until his death in 1958, he created an impressive body of work with is two brothers Sarollie and Simoeonie.

As the owner of a Peterhead boat, they were able to hunt walrus for ivory, resulting in some of the first integration of ivory in Inuit artwork [1]. As well as incorporating walrus ivory in his sculptures to create tools for his sculptures of people, he used it for their eyes or lips. He would also use unconventional material like melted phonograph records to create a black inlay on the stone [2]. During this time, Weetaluktuk worked with traditional carving techniques, using a hatchet to cut the stone to create the detail on the green marble serpentine stone collected from the newly found quarry of Sungauyak. Weetaluktuk produced clear sculptures, which emphasized the beautiful and glossy stone.  

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Inukjuak, QC

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