Erica Joan Lugt

Erica Joan Lugt
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Erica Joan Lugt is an artist from Tuktoyaktuk, NT. She is currently residing in the Beaufort Delta Region, as a part of the Inuvik artistic community. She was introduced to the art world through her aunt Maureen Gruben, an artist who uses organic and industrial materials to discuss themes of climate change and the rights of Indigenous hunters. Lugt learned the brick stitch technique applied to her jewelry at the Great Northern Arts Festival, held in Inuvik annually.

The colours and designs she uses in her work are personal to her, and she has since then created her own line "She Was A Free Spirit." The line is also known as #shewasafreespirit, recently collaborating with Creations For Continuity, in a now sold out collection.

Her earrings and necklaces are both personal to her and the places that she resides. Some of her creations even include polar bear fur, both hunted and respected by the community. The colours embody the ocean, sky and other natural elements she is surrounded by. Lugt was featured as a vendor at Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto, and in collaboration with Victoria's Arctic Fashion at Paris Fashion Week.

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Inuvik, NT

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Tuktoyatuk, NT

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