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drawing, printmaking, textile

Artistic Community:

Qamani'tuaq (Baker Lake), NU

Date of Birth:

Artists may have multiple birth years listed as a result of when and where they were born. For example, an artist born in the early twentieth century in a camp outside of a community centre may not know/have known their exact date of birth and identified different years.


Date of Death:

Artists may have multiple dates of death listed as a result of when and where they passed away. Similar to date of birth, an artist may have passed away outside of a community centre or in another community resulting in different dates being recorded.




Françoise Oklaga was an illustrator, textile artist, carver and printmaker from Qamani’tuaq (Baker Lake), NU. Oklaga is noted for her exuberant use of colour and shape, leading many viewers to remark on her works’ joyous nature. Her work often examines the unity between humans, animals, and land, and features luminous human faces as focal points. Oklaga’s first solo show, Coloured Drawings by Françoise Oklaga of Baker Lake, was hosted by the Innuit Gallery of Eskimo Art in Toronto, ON, in 1982, and Oklaga has been featured in many group exhibitions in Canada and Europe. Her works are held in major public collections across Canada, such as the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the Canadian Museum of History.View Long Biography and Citations


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Title Year Author
Qiviuq: A Legend in Inuit Art 1996 Jennifer Gibson
Immaginario Inuit Arte e cultura degli esquimesi canadesi 1995 Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
Patiently I Sing: Selections from the Tyler/Brooks Collection 1994 Marion E. Jackson


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Name Year Gallery
Temporal (Re)Imaginings 2016 Canada Council
Qamanittuaq: Where the River Widens Drawings by Baker Lake Artists August 1994 - April 1997 Macdonald Stewart Art Centre
Qiviuq: A Legend in Art 1997 Carleton University Art Gallry

Public Collections

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Collection Location
Canada Council Art Bank, Ottawa, ON
Canadian Museum of History Gatineau, QC, Canada
Macdonald Stewart Art Centre Guelph, Ontario