Holly Andersen

Holly Andersen


Holly Andersen is a photographer from Makkovik, Nunatsiavut. Andersen is interested in photography's ability to preserve moments in time or capture minute details. Her photographic practice encompasses a wide range of subjects including candid and portraiture photography of family and friends, macro photography of insects and nature and landscape photography including local wildlife. Andersen employs photography for capturing memories as well as creating images whose primary function is aesthetic. She enjoys the challenge of capturing the precise moment to accurately convey the spirit of a day or event. Andersen also revels in being able to communicate the emotions of a situation through photography: to capture intimacy between a child and their dog, or the playfulness of a day at the beach. Her favourite season for landscape and wildlife photography is autumn when the colours are particularly vibrant and the animals are migrating. Andersen is excited by the aesthetic value in her macro and landscape photography. 



2013: Won a gold medal in badminton singles and doubles at the Labrador Winter Games.
2002: Regional Winner of the Tom Longboat Award, awarded by the Aboriginal Sports and Recreation Circle.


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