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Inuk (Brendalynn Trennert) is a talented artist and jewellery maker who is based in Yellowknife, NT. Inuk’s art journey began in her late teens when she surprised herself and others with her natural ability to tuft caribou hair. As a younger artist, Inuk was unsure of her ability to become a “Master Tufter” but aspired to reach that level. She now runs her jewellery and art practice under the name Inuk 360, which she understands as coming full circle with her multi-textile designs that are both traditional but with her own twist [1].

Moose hair tufting is known as one of the traditional Inuit crafts from the Inuvialuit Settlement Region. There was a decline in artists engaging with tufting until Inuk began working with it. She has worked to revive the practice and bring tufting into the fine art category worldwide, using caribou hair in her pieces. Over the years she has taught thousands of people around the world the practice of tufting. With each lesson and demonstration, Inuk believes she is preserving a piece of her heritage. With continual perseverance, determination and hard work, Inuk has become a “Master Tufter.” Inuk also works to educate people on sustainable furs, sealskin, moose-hide and fox practices as she wants southern audiences to understand the cultural importance of Inuit hunting practices and the use of fur. “When people say no to our sealskin or to our fur, that is actually affecting our livelihoods . . . people that sustained themselves for thousands of years on sealskin can’t, they can still hunt it and eat the meat but imagine the finances that they could have if they could be able to sell what they do to the outside world [2].”

Inukhas shown her work across the country and has become well known for her practice. An award winner and featured artist in many magazines, she has been honoured with presenting Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip with one of her caribou hair tuftings on their royal visit to Yellowknife, NT, and was commissioned by the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Committee for a custom made tufting.



1994 Presented to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip on their royal visit to Yellowknife, NWT and presented them with one of her Caribou Hair Tuftings of an Inukshuk.

1997 One of ten Canadian Artists invited by the Canadian Consulate of LA on an import/export mission to Mesa, Arizona, representing Canada.

2003 Invited by DIAND of Ottawa on a Canadian art trade mission to Siberia as a Canadian/NWT Ambassador on a seven person delegation (two of which were artists).

2005 Invited by the GNWT to be one of five artists to be Ambassadors at NWT week in the VIP Section of the Canadian Pavilion at Expo in Aichi, Japan.

2005 Featured in the “Indian People” magazine, out of New Mexico, USA.

2008 Graduate of a two year Fashion Apparel Technology Diploma Program at Olds College in Alberta.

2009 Commissioned by the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Committee for a custom made tufting for their Whistler Athlete Centre, where it remained after the games.

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