James Jacque

James Jacque
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James Jacque has lived all his life in the community of Postville, Nunatsiavut, NL, drawing characters and creating carved jewellery as well as clothing for friends, family and clients. Working in graphite pencil, digital art and carving, Jacque has a unique style that bridges whimsy and technical prowess. Carving with bone and antler, he creates traditional snow goggles worn while hunting in blinding white winter icescapes or tiny wearables like rings with ornamental design. Beadwork, abstract concepts and his family of artists inspire Jacque. Art has become a tradition in the Jacque family, with skills and ideas shared and talents explored. Learning to carve watching his Uncle, Jason Jacque, but drawing all his life, he enjoys exploring the possibilities in art, jotting down notes as they come to mind and revisiting them when he’s ready to realize his vision. Working most recently in digital art has increased his productivity and enabled him to explore animation and 3D modelling. [1]

Recently, he has taken a keen interest in designing clothing, such as t-shirts and hoodies. A believer in empowering the people of the north to be self-sufficient, Jacque feels that it is important for people to engage with products such as clothing that are targeted towards northerners, by northerners, incorporating elements they value. [1]

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Digital Media, Graphic Arts, Sculpture

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Postville, NL

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