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Jenna Broomfield
Jenna Broomfield


Jenna Broomfield is a performance artist who is one half of the throat singing (Katajjaq) duo, The Sila Singers. Broomfield is from North West River, Nunatsiavut, NL, and is currently based in Edmonton, AB, where she recently graduated from the University of Alberta Law School. She now practices law as an associate focusing on civil litigation, criminal and family law. Broomfield is also an advocate for bridging gaps of understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous folks, working towards peaceful coexistence and shareing knowledge and Indigenous pride in her community [1].

The Sila Singers formed after an introduction during a workshop Broomfield facilitated with her mother. During the first meeting they were encouraged to sing together and today continue to share an incredible energy as a powerful duo. The Sila Singers share their traditional songs throughout Alberta and most recently have been performing internationally [2]. 

Some celebrated performances by The Sila Singers include Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) in 2014, the Indianer Inuit: Das Nordamerika Film Festival in Stuttgart, Germany in 2016, iNuit Blanche, Inuit Studies Conference and Katingavik Arts Festival, in St. John's, Newfoundland and SummerWorks Festival, Toronto, collaborating in a multimedia artwork [3].



2017: Graduated from the University of Alberta Law School.

2015: Broomfield became a board member of Inuit Edmontonmiut, the Indigenous Advisory Circle with the Alberta School Board Association. 

2014: Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Native Studies with a certificate in Aboriginal Governance from the University of Alberta. 

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North West River, NL

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