Jerri Thrasher

Jerri Thrasher


Jerri Thrasher was born in Inuvik, NT, but spent much of her teen years in Paulatuk, NT, where her passion for capturing Inuvialuit life through photography and film started [1]. Thrasher moved back to Inuvik to pursue work in the film and TV industry [2]. She made her directorial debut in 2017 with The Last Walk, and currently works as a television producer in Inuvik.

Thrasher has stated that she works in television and film for the purpose of preserving culture and to “tell it in a way that demands attention” [3].  She sees film as a strong vehicle to express, share and preserve culture in the North. The Last Walk (2017) is a collaborative project featuring three short films from the Arctic on a single theme, with Thrasher as director for the Northwest Territories film.

Thrasher’s film has been shown in many film festivals across the globe, winning Best Short in the 2017 Red Nation Film Festival and Audience Choice Award at the 2017 Yellowknife International Film Festival. Thrasher is part of a group of emerging Indigenous filmmakers from the Arctic who are developing short films for the Arctic Chills horror anthology [4].

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