drawing, jewellry, printmaking, sculpture/carving

Artistic Community:

Panniqtuuq (Pangnirtung), NU

Date of Birth:

Artists may have multiple birth years listed as a result of when and where they were born. For example, an artist born in the early twentieth century in a camp outside of a community centre may not know/have known their exact date of birth and identified different years.

Qikiqtarjuaq (formerly Broughton Island), NU



Jolly Atagoyuk is a talented printmaker and artist from Qikiqtarjuaq (formerly Broughton Island), NU who now resides in Panniqtuuq (Pangnirtung), NU. A long time printmaker at Uqqurmiut, Atagoyuk’s prints engage with Inuit traditions and culture calling upon long-established Inuit aesthetics, figures and imagery with animals and spirit creatures as recurring figures in his pieces. Atagoyuk teaches printmaking in Panniqtuuq and attends art festivals across the arctic during the year showing and selling his work. His prints are a part of the 2018 Pangnirtung Print Collection.View Long Biography and Citations


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Title Year Author
Panniqtuuq Releases First Major Print Collection Since 2011 July 8, 2018 IAQ
Pangnirtung artists launch first print collection since 2011 July 6, 2018 Beth Brown
Student’s Arctic Trip Emphasizes Need for Climate Law February 8, 2016


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Achievement Year Organization
2018 Pangnirtung Print Collection 2018 Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts and Crafts

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Indigenous Art Collection at Indigenous Affairs and Northern Development Canada Gatineau, QC, Canada