Kaajuk Kablalik


Kaajuk Kablalik is a multidisciplinary artist from Rankin Inlet, Nunavut Canada. He has been practicing his art since 2009, and full time since 2016. Kaajuk uses fused glass, soft metals and natural materials such as ivory, baleen, muskox horn and walrus whiskers to create jewelry and art that reflect inuusiq. He is a graduate of Nunavut Arctic College Jewelry and Metal work program and winner of the 2010 BMO First Arts! Award. He is one of three artists who created the public art exhibition SIVUINKSATTINU, currently hosted by the Ottawa Hospital. Kaajuk is an active member of the urban Inuit community in Ontario, volunteering and advocating for Inuit-specific programs and resources. He is currently based in the Ottawa Valley.

Artist Work

About Kaajuk Kablalik


Jewellery, Sculpture

Artistic Community:

Ottawa, ON

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