Kale Sheppard

Kale Sheppard
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Kale Sheppard is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Winnipeg, MB. In 2018, Sheppard was commissioned by the Winnipeg Art Gallery to produce a mural, Mosaic Sea (2018) that was displayed throughout the construction of Qaumajuq (formerly the Inuit Art Center). Typically focusing on stylized sketches, prints and paintings, Sheppard has contributed to the CBC's "Great Canadian Colouring Book" (2020) and was a featured artist in the CBC Gem documentary Carved in Stone: Sanannguaqtit (2020). Using art as a means to connect to their culture while living in the south, their practice is constantly evolving and expanding into new media.
“A lot of what I make is based on what I’m feeling at the time," Sheppard says of what motivates them, "There is a lot of emotion that goes into my work. For anything that has Inuit themes, that is usually based on my learning or relearning of my culture because I grew up with very minimal cultural knowledge, so it’s kind of gone hand in hand; both learning and creating.” [1].

Their art [2] manages to emit an energy that feels crisp and new, each piece pulses with life and in the simple use of colour and form is able to breath a rich feeling, a vibrant and bounding enthusiasm. The navy, teal and aquamarine waves of their murals effortlessly dance with sea creatures in a wonderfully whimsical celebration, one that we are invited to be a part of. Valuing knowledge and experimentation, Sheppard says of their multidisciplinary approach;
“It’s a very good skill to have, to be very versatile and flexible in your art styles and mediums.” 

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Winnipeg, MB

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