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Kanayuq (Shantel Elizabeth Qirngnuq) is a multimedia graphic artist from Kugaaruk, NU. Kanayuq’s practice involves mixing mediums like paint and fabric together to create colourful canvases which she sells through Facebook and TikTok.

Kanayuq began drawing and painting in elementary school, where she entered every art contest the school held. Using watercolour or acrylic paints on canvas is her favourite way to work. After several recent experiments with self-portraiture went well, Kanayuq began getting requests for custom portraits, which she now sells online. “I’m experimenting with new things like mixing paint and sewing together to show more texture in the work,” [1] she says of her latest pieces. 

Kanayuq’s work is inspired by growing up in Kugaaruk, but also by artists like graphic artist Alootook Ipellie, whose work portraying Inuit culture she admires, and designer Martha Kyak, who taught Kanayuq history at the Nunavut Sivuniksavut program in Ottawa, ON, and whose fame and business success she hopes to emulate.

In the future, Kanayuq plans to start a small business selling her work on hoodies, t-shirts, mugs and other items. For now, she is hopeful that her work inspires others and exposes Inuit art to a broader audience.


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Kugaaruk, NU

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