Kara Montague

Kara Montague


Kara Montague is a self-taught artist specializing in beadwork, finding time between shift work as a nurse to perfect her craft. Montague draws inspiration from the land, portraying the nature she observes during her hunting, fishing and hiking trips. Guided by such things as the colours of fall and spring, flowing rivers and the nuanced language of nature, Montague crafts intricately detailed works. Her bone, antler, quill and bead creations reflect the world around her in the community of North West River, NL. A strong connection to the land is a cornerstone in Montague’s mindscape when deciding on design directions. [1]

Always looking to learn and doing so through a variety of avenues, Montague even takes her research to tutorials in unknown, foreign languages. Pendants, earrings and necklaces are a few of the crafts she works on, with carvings being the newest addition. Recently apprenticing under the highly esteemed carver, Billy Gauthier, Montague has integrated bone carving in her workflow to create jewellery pieces such as earrings. [1]

Sourcing materials from the land, Montague is frequently called up by community members who offer up their porcupine quills from recent hunts. Also, purchasing beads from locally owned shops and collecting bone and antler, Montague’s work is as sustainable as it is beautiful. [1]

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Jewellery, Sculpture

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North West River, NL

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