Karis Gruben

Karis Gruben


Karis Gruben is a painter, carver and beader from Inuvik, NT currently residing in Yellowknife, NT. Gruben, a multidisciplinary artist without limits, enjoys the creative process and loves all art styles. Currently placing an emphasis on realism, she portrays a brilliant sense of strength in femininity. [1]

Gruben was been inspired from a young age by her father, the late William Gruben, a renowned Tuktoyaktuk carver. Guiding her work, Gruben recalls her father’s perfectionist nature and focus on detail, “Anytime I’m creating something and I try to picture what he would’ve commented or said.” With this respect for her father and his legacy, she tapped into her own carving skill, finishing her first ivory Dancing Bear with echoes of his artistic voice interpreted through her hand. [1]

Translating her world through paintings, a series of cool and comforting portraits has recently emerges in a blue, white and black palette. Exploring themes of femininity through shapes and colours, or a focused gaze on a shoulder, a collar bone, Gruben implores her audience to imagine a bigger picture, sparking a conversation and reflection around what it means to be a woman. Whether it be through painting, jewelry, mural, or carving, Gruben will continuously create what her heart desires. [1]

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Graphic Arts, Jewellery, Painting, Sculpture

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Yellowknife, NT

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The Cock Show, 2018