Katie Winters

Katie Winters


Katie Winters is a lifelong artist from Nain, NL, knitting her first hat at 9 years old. Growing up helping her parents with their crafts, Winters spent much of her childhood sewing. Taking inspiration in and heeding the teachings of her mother and grandparents, Winters’ designs are rooted in tradition. The textiles created by Winters are a warming way of displaying pride in where she comes from through wool, moose hide, sealskin, pile lining and leather. In addition to her hats, Winters expertly crafts boots, mitts, hats and fine jewelry. 

Winters was featured in Dr. Heather Igloliorte’s Nunatsiavut Art and Craft Exhibition that was held in Happy-Valley Goose-Bay, NL in 2015. Taking commissions for her pieces, she enjoys a stream of interest from other community members and those who hear of her work from Facebook and word of mouth. With many fine pieces of work in her name, Winters is a professional and productive artisan of the north. [1]


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