Kyle Natkusiak Aleekuk

Kyle Natkusiak Aleekuk
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Hailing from Edmonton, AB, Kyle Natkusiak Aleekuk is an Inuvialuk musician, freelance writer and self-taught visual artist. Inspired by the bold colours and style of the printmakers of Uluhaktok (Holman), including his grandfather Peter (Aliknak) Banksland and great aunt Agnes Nanogak Goose, Aleekuk adds his own contemporary twist by incorporating elements of classic tattoo art in crisp watercolours and India ink.

“I draw a lot of inspiration from my family and their medium, dark black lines, lots of beautiful colours,” he says. “I found a lot of relationship between that and tattoo art and I’ve brought it together into this style.” [1]

Aleekuk first started seriously developing and practicing his unique style in 2016, after previously focusing on pencil drawings and realism, often using his art to portray stories he has heard or stories and characters he has dreamt up himself. Outside of his artistic practice, he is also a hunter and trapper, as well as a contributor to Tusaayaksat, a publication dedicated to Inuvialuit life and culture.

“It ties it all together,” he says of his diverse areas of artistic and cultural practice. “There’s a beauty and relationship in it all.” [2]

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Graphic Arts, Painting

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Edmonton, AB

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