Leanne Inuarak-Dall

Leanne Inuarak-Dall
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Hailing from Ottawa, ON and now residing in Vancouver, BC, Leanne Inuarak-Dall is an emerging multi-disciplinary artist who works in collage, sculpture and weaving. Currently enrolled at Lanagra College in a Fine Arts diploma program, Inuarak-Dall explores her mixed heritage and identity through her artistic production as she navigates what it means to an urban Inuk living in major urban centres in the south.

“My practice is very important to me because it allows my mind to quiet down and I can just get all the things that are swimming around in my head onto paper,” she says, “I think it allows my identity to be showcased, because as Inuit we're not only from the past, we are here today, we're multi-faceted people and it's important for everybody to see that.” [1]

Going forward, Inuarak-Dall plans to explore fibre arts more thoroughly, inspired by training she received in Coast Salish weaving techniques during her studies.

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Graphic Arts, Jewellery, Literature, Painting, Sculpture

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